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Wilderness Expansion Project - SA’s 1st BEE Wildlife Conservation Project

Categories: COMPANY NEWS , Wildlife Conservation | Author: grahamp | Posted: 2013/07/18 | Views: 2983
100% BEE certified by Empowerdex for Black Beneficiaries and Social Enterprise Development
The only certified and endorsed BEE conservation project that will expand wilderness areas to protect wildlife, preserve the land and upskill local previously disadvantaged residents, has been launched by The 1%4 Wildlife Trust.

The aim of the project is to acquire management control of wilderness land and provide the skills to maintain it while providing full tax exemption for corporates and a comprehensive CSI solution.

Growing existing reserves and rehabilitating land towards wilderness, sustainably and into the future, is a significant conservation contribution helping to protect the fauna and flora within.
Project areas will be under the guardianship of the Wilderness Expansion Project. Local residents will be provided with relevant employment opportunities and skills needed to actively become the stewards of the project in their areas. According to the specific needs of project areas, various skills development initiatives will be undertaken empowering local communities to become the custodians of this conservation project.
We invite corporates to invest in the Wilderness Expansion Project by donating money, product or services in return for 18a tax exemption and BEE relevance valid for their financial and BEE audits. Priority requirements are telecommunications, vehicle and fuel.
Although primarily set up to attract corporates through the benefits mentioned, individuals, organisations, clubs and more are invited to become involved in this exiting and pioneering project.
Please view the Wilderness Expansion Project’s online brochure here http://www.reachdigireader.co.za/reader/index.php?issueid=887#/0
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