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Food Forests for Farms – Over 400 Trees & Shrubs Planted at Abalimi

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Greenpop, SANBI and Abalimi Bezakhaya Partner in Khayelitsha Permaculture Initiative

“Contributing to Abalimi’s permaculture initiative is a wonderful opportunity for Greenpop to partner with established organisations like Abalimi and SANBI to do something that has a positive impact on our city. As part of its mission as World Design Capital, Cape Town has demonstrated commitment to sustainability, community development, and connections that unite."

"By working together to support green initiatives and urban farming, we hope to foster a network of like-minded individuals and organisations that will continue to work together for a sustainable and thrivable future.”

- Matthew Koehorst, Head of Planting and Sustainability at Greenpop

On 17 April, Greenpop and the South African National Biodiversity Institute (SANBI) partnered to plant fruit trees and indigenous vegetation at the Abalimi Bezekhaya community gardens in Khayelitsha with support from Reliance Compost, the Cape Town International Convention Center, Willow Creek Olive Farm, Just Trees, Mooisig Nursery and others. During the day, Greenpop and SANBI planted over 400 fruit trees, windbreaks and indigenous medicinal shrubs and ground covers to reestablish the farms windbreaks, create mini food forests, and encourage the development of further biodiversity in the area.

Beezy Bailey’s 5000 Trees Landscape

The day was possible thanks to renowned South African artist, Beezy Bailey, who launched his 5000 Tree Landscape project to celebrate his 50th birthday by greening areas of the Cape Flats. All of the trees planted by volunteers 17 April were paid for by Beezy Bailey as part of this project.

Says Beezy Bailey, “I have been painting landscapes for 30 years and to celebrate my 50th year, I intend to plant, rather than paint 5000 trees. We want to change these areas into leafy suburbs. There is no reason why only certain Cape Town suburbs should have trees and greenery. The positive impact that the presence of trees can have in our lives cannot be overestimated. Apart from planting trees at schools, crèches and in public spaces, households will also acquire ownership of an indigenous tree for shade and a fruit tree for fruit. In time they will attract birds and bees and be a source of fresh food. It has been proven that the presence of green spaces and trees affects the spirit and general wellbeing of people, thus uplifting communities and instilling pride of place."

Why Abalimi?

Xhosa for “the Planters,” Abalimi works to help individuals and organisations in the Cape Flats to maintain a permanent system of organic food growing and nature conservation, focusing in Khayelitsha and Nyanga. With projects ranging from community development to organic produce production and sales, Abalimi is doing incredible work to facilitate sustainable livestyles, job creation, poverty creation and environmental renewal in the region.

Greenpop and SANBI supplemented Abalimi’s abundant SCAGA garden with trees to provide both fruit and shelter from wind, medicinal plants, and nitrogen-fixing plants. The plants Ultimately, the organisations hope that this partnership can enrich and expand the sustainable initiatives of the community garden.

On the Day

“History was made today. In the next couple of years, we will be seeing those trees, cherishing those trees, sitting under those trees, and eating fruit from those trees.”

- Xolisa Bogani, Abalimi Bezekhaya

The active and fun-filled plant day at Siyazama Community Allotment Garden Association (SCAGA) in Khayelitsha was a complete success. During the plant day, nearly 200 volunteers were arranged into teams to work together on one of five well-established gardens belonging to the SCAGA project. Volunteers planted a mixture of fruit trees, which included banana, lemon, and pomegranate among others, as well as several varieties of indigenous trees ranging from witkarees to waterbessies. Although the volunteers came from different backgrounds, all came together to further the cause of bringing greenery to this corner of Khayelitsha.

After planting, volunteers gathered at the main site for a vegetarian lunch party, sponsored by the Cape Town International Convention Centre who also sent volunteers who participated in the plant day. 

About Greenpop

Greenpop is on a mission to (re)connect people with our planet by planting trees and having fun doing it.

Greenpop plants trees in urban greening and reforestation projects and hosts green events, educational workshops and festivals of action to inspire people to get active about a sustainable future.

Embark on a journey with Greenpop, and join the treevolution TODAY!

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