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PPC proudly supports the right to affordable housing

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- understanding the significance and importance of having access to a decent, safe living environment

The leading cement supplier in southern Africa, PPC understands the significance and importance of having access to a decent, safe living environment.  To this end, PPC has on the back of its own successful employee housing support programme partnered with the City of Johannesburg’s Department of Human Settlements (DHS) and Building Contractor Tawana Business Projects to expand avenues to provide support.

PPC Group CSI Manager, Francie Shonhiwa, had the privilege of handing over a house on behalf of the partnership to Mr Nghwenazi William Mabunda. This much welcomed gesture is a testament of the great accomplishments which are made possible through successful collaborations between the public and private sectors.

Malebo Magasa of Tawana Business Projects says, “This initiative is in line with the work that Tawana Business Projects does and also forms part of our company initiative which has also been donating houses to communities.”

Mabunda, 67, is a pensioner who has been living in Ivory Park, Midrand since 1991 when the town was first established. He was selected as a beneficiary of the Housing Initiative owing to the fact that he was one of the many people listed with the City of Johannesburg as potential beneficiaries of the low cost RDP housing scheme, and was most in need of immediate assistance.

City of Johannesburg Assistant Director: Housing Project Irene Mokoena says, “The City of Johannesburg has promised our community better quality houses that will enhance their life. The beneficiary was very pleased to have such a house and the community of Ivory Park was very happy of what PPC has done for our elderly people.”

A proud, quiet man, Mabunda had shunned himself away from the community and his neighbours due to the embarrassment he experienced as a result of his pre-existing living conditions.

His lack of trust and confidence meant it took some time and convincing before he began to trust Malebo and her construction team at Tawana Business Projects.  However, once the foundation had been set he finally opened himself up to the possibilities of the near future. Mr Mabunda was overjoyed by his new home, he says, “PPC is number 1!”

Concerned neighbour, Henrietta Vilakazi, says it has been years since she has seen Mabunda this energetic. ‘I am very grateful to PPC, as I believe this will allow him to come out of his shell and mingle with the rest of the community now,’ concludes Vilakazi.

‘I am grateful to PPC for my new home. I can now walk with my head held high and easily converse with other members of the community as I no longer feel ashamed,’ expressed a grateful Mabunda. With all the rubbish and dirt being cleared away, the entire community will benefit from a cleaner environment and this will also aid in curbing the rat infestation.

The right to housing, as recognised by our constitution is a fundamental human right which has a direct bearing on our standard of living. ‘At PPC, we believe that it is our obligation to help guarantee that all members of society are able to live in a secure home with dignity,’ said PPC Group CSI Manager, Francie Shonhiwa. Francie continues to say, “PPC is a national company and is doing work in other provinces, we believe in spreading these opportunities to others like Mr Nghwenazi William Mabunda as this is vital to developing communities.”

As an organisation, PPC remains passionate about investing in meaningful initiatives and projects that advance the industry’s excellence while improving the lives of the communities where it operates.

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