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Friendly spaces take shape - constructing new spaces for our childeren

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Reconstruction of the first new wards, Sweet Basil and Daisy, is far advanced. The official opening is scheduled for 29 July.

Dr Nomafrench Mbombo, Minister of Health, will conduct the official opening, while a representative of the funder and Peter Hughes, Board Chairman, will cut the ribbon. Guests will be taken on a walkabout, experiencing the new and innovative child and eco-friendly designs in both the new wards and the new rehabilitation facilities.

Once completed, St Joseph's will be one of the most modern paediatric intermediate health care facilities in the country.

Calling our corporates and funders to support our Capital Projects:

The current funding of R36 million is for upgrading the hospital wards and for the children's direct benefit.

Capital funding is still needed for renovations to the nurses' bathrooms, the volunteer and parents' accommodation building (see illustration), the Chapel and the development of various open spaces in need plants and paving.

Phone Alrika at 021-9340352 for more information.


A Double Miracle - A bumby road from Pre-School to Grade R : 

Ashica's Story

Five years ago Ashica was admitted to St Joseph's Home. Only six months old, she showed developmental delay and was underweight for her age, weighing only 3,79kg. Feeding her was a challenge for the nursing staff. She had difficulties with sucking and swallowing.

Her mother died two weeks after she was admitted to SJH. During her first year at SJH she was readmitted to Tygerberg Hospital three times with pneumonia. Despite all this she developed into a normal, healthy toddler. Her weight improved and at 14 months she started to learn to walk.

Turning two, she was enrolled in our preschool. In the class room setting. She was a slow learner and struggled to follow instructions. She attended preschool for three years.

With daily stimulation and encouragement, Ashica blossomed into a very special child. Progress has been achieved in her overall development. Her fine motor skills have improved and she can even complete a 10 piece puzzle. Emotionally she has changed from an introverted shy child to one with self-confidence. She even assumed the role of "teacher's assistant" by helping her younger classmates.

This year she has progressed to grade R and proudly wears her school uniform. Her grade R teacher reports that she has adapted well to her new setting and routine.

Ashley's Story

Ashley was admitted to SJH at the beginning of 2011 with a chronic condition. During his first admission he started to attend the preschool and was discharged after 13 months. His father, the sole breadwinner, was unable to work due to illness. As a result, the family lived below the bread line.

In August 2013 Ashley (3 yrs) was readmitted to SJH, due to non-compliance of his chronic medication. During his second admission results of a neuro-developmental screening indicated that he had low muscle tone and global developmental delay. He was re-enrolled in our preschool.

Initially he displayed an untamed curiosity and was viewed as being hyperactive. Despite his "busyness", he was able to settle down to the class room routine and structure.

In line with the holistic approach of SJH patient care, he received input from the multidisciplinary team which included rehab therapy, nursing care and support from the social workers. Developmentally he improved on all levels. Socially he acquired the ability to interact with his class mates and is able to carry out instructions given to him.


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