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Creating meaningfulness by #InspiringChange

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It’s within our power to do the greatest good that humanity has ever seen. Every person on this planet has inestimable value

I receive an SMS from the always inspirational, always positive and ready to change the world (what does the man eat for breakfast?), Kevin Chaplin, of the Amy Biehl Foundation.  It’s a busy Friday on 3 July, so I don’t get around to replying.  Eventually, it’s Friday evening, just before 9pm, and I remember that I still haven’t replied to Kevin’s message.

I read it again and see that it’s about beds, mattresses etc. that the Foundation urgently requires for an initiative that kicks off on Monday morning. 

I type him a text at 8:57pm, “Hi Kevin, sorry about the late reply.  I think we might be able to donate 2 beds …” and I ramble on some more. As I press send I have no idea how and when we can make this happen.  I stare across my lounge at a new bed base that I had recently bought and which now exceeds our requirements (an occurrence that happens from time to time in families!) That bed base has been standing on that spot for about 3 months now. No one has used it.  No one wanted it.  We kept if for a rainy day.  Or for that day when that one guest arrives with an unexpected second guest in tow.  We do tend to reason like that, don’t we? When I arrive at the office on Monday morning I ask some members of my team to see how we can acquire the mattresses and one more base through our team and staff at our Warehouse. 

By Monday afternoon Community Chest’s Charmaine Reddy, David Oni and driver, Arnard Chiloane, had delivered 2 x new mattresses, 2 x new single bed bases, 2 x Teapots, 2 x Sugar bowls, 4 x Cast iron casseroles with lids, 7 x Glass casseroles with lids, 1 x Kettle, 28 x Glasses and 1 x box cutlery (knives & dessert spoons), to the Amy Biehl Foundation.  They are now ready to meet their obligations.

The point is that we can ALL do good.  It’s within our power to do the greatest good that humanity has ever seen.  Every person on this planet has inestimable value.  And every one of us can help to make a difference in someone else’s life.  I never met Amy Biehl.  I never even heard of her until that tragic day in August 1993 when she was brutally killed.  But her story, and the legacy of her life, told today through the brilliant work being done by the Foundation, is “creating meaningfulness and #InspiringChange.

I want to live in a better world.  I want to leave behind a legacy filled with hope and I want to dispense with bitterness and recriminations.  I want to tell a story of how GOOD people rose up to not just do good; but stand AS ONE to create IMPACT. 
South Africa needs its good people to stand up at this time – it’s our time to #InspireChange – to make the difference.  It’s our choice.
Countries do not fail.  Their leaders and their institutions fail.  And in most cases many innocent people pay the price for that failure.  And we – the great people of South Africa - must do all we can to inspire meaningful change across South Africa.  We owe it to ourselves, our children and to those who will come after us.  Like Amy Biehl.  Like Kevin Chaplin.  Like the many whose names we will never know.  They inspire us to create the change. Because they do and they give. 

This year Community Chest will be donating goods and money to over 210 organisations.  Helping civil society movements to create meaningful change is what we are always about.

Therefore – when you decide to donate to these worthy causes - give to create "meaningfulness".  It’s what inspires change.
CEO The Community Chest - #InspiringChange

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