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A Chance for Every Child

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Employment, Women Empowerment | Author: Administrator Account | Posted: 2015/08/16 | Views: 4047
Who takes care of the caregiver?

People who give their life and soul to bring hope and improve the lives of vulnerable children.

In order to make an impact in the lives of vulnerable children, the caregiver must be healthy in body, mind and spirit.

Our organisation, The Novalis Ubuntu Institute provides the A Chance for Every Child holistic education programme for adults caring for vulnerable children in South Africa.

We ensure that teachers, caregivers, trainers, social workers, youth leaders and civil society activists are able to give fully, nurture thoroughly and educate effectively without depleting their energies.

Our learning culture is based on Ubuntu, restoring dignity and bringing healing and hope to the people who care for and take responsibility for empowering our next generation.

With over 30 years of experience, our South African based organisation is poised to increase its footprint in other developing countries. 

We welcome you and invite you to join us on our journey to empower our next generation 

By Bea Juries
Community Development Manager
A Chance for Every Child Project

The Novalis Ubuntu Institute Holistic Adult Education – a hive of activity serving the community.

For further information email info@Novalis.org.za or telephone 021 797 1857


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