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Success story of well-known recycling entrepreneur in Limpopo

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Seshego Recycling is making great strides in the recycling industry

Seshego Recycling is making great strides in the recycling industry. Born from Tinus van Niekerk’s vision of setting up a recycling hub in Polokwane, Van Niekerk has grown the business to one of the most successful recycling organisations in Limpopo.

Van Niekerk took the green-entrepreneurial challenge head on in 2007 after having read about Collect-a-Can’s Cash-for-Cans initiative. He approached the organisation and has since became one of their agents in the area. “The Cash-for-Cans initiative has provided me with an opportunity to generate an extra income, while keeping the Polokwane environment clean and green,” says van Niekerk.

Seshego Recycling collects both plastic and cans for recycling. The company currently provides employment opportunities to six people.

The well-known can recovery and recycling organisation, Collect-a-Can, works within various communities encouraging citizens from all walks of life to collect cans for cash. This Cash-for-Cans initiative provides an opportunity to all communities to collect cans and sell them to Collect-a-Can for cash. Thereby facilitating job creation or supplementing income.

“I am proud to say that on average we collect about 800 kilograms of cans per day, which means that there are a lot less cans ending up in our overflowing landfills,” adds Van Niekerk. On a typical day, Van Niekerk visits eight can ‘hot spots’ around the community where he collects cans for recycling. He also gets cans from individuals that drop them off at his recycling plant.

“Seshego Recycling is one of many recycling organisations that Collect-a-Can supports and helped grow into a well-established and successful organisation. There are endless opportunities when it comes to recycling and individuals should understand that recyclable material has value. With the help of Collect-a-Can, anyone can start their own can recycling organisation,” says Zimasa Velaphi, public relations and marketing manager of Collect-a-Can.

Van Niekerk has big plans to further grow his organisation. “In the near future, I would like to employ a team of 20 people and partner with more organisations to collect even more cans for recycling,” Van Niekerk adds.

“I challenge other individuals to start collecting cans. Can recycling is a great way of generating an extra income for yourself, while keeping the environment clean for future generations. Every can that is recycled makes a difference,” concludes Van Niekerk.

For more information about Seshego Recycling, please contact Tinus van Niekerk on 082 355 2400 or seshegorecycling@gmail.com.

CAPTION: Tinus van Niekerk, founder and owner of Seshego Recycling and his dynamic team, hard at work in separating cans into piles of aluminium and steel. Van Niekerk has grown the business to one of the biggest and most well-known recycling organisations in Polokwane, Limpopo. Seshego Recycling currently provides employment opportunities to six people. 

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