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Waves for Change - Award Winners Again!

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In November, Waves for Change won the coveted Murray and Roberts Jack Cheetham Award, in October, the Beyond Sport 'Sport for Health' award. Both awards recognised Waves for Change's pioneering work bringing the sport of surfing to some of South Africa's most violent townships to improve the wellbeing of young people effected by violence and abuse.

 It's been a volatile few months in the townships of the Cape but Waves for Change's award winning 'Surf Therapy' programmes continue to change lives on a daily basis.

  • Appearances on the WSL Morning Show,
  • new partnerships with Comic Relief, features in the UK's Independent on Sunday
  • latest news from our programmes in Cape Town and beyond!

Masiphumelele and Lavender Hill
It's been a challenging three months in Cape Town. Protest action has left two of our three host communities extremely volatile. However, Waves for Change coaches have kept our programmes running and have provided a vital safe space to the young people who are referred into their programmes. It's amazing to see such bravery in the face of adversity. Right: Masiphumelele Community Leader Apish Tshetsha poses in the Waves for Change Surf Shed in Masi.

New Partnerships
We are excited to announce new partnerships with Comic Relief and the DG Murray Trust. Together we will be bringing more support to our community coaches to improve the child protection and counseling services they offer to our most in need participants. We will also be working with a host of new partners in 2016 to move Waves for Change beyond Cape Town. Watch this space, 2016 is going to be an exciting year!
Lavender Hill Focus
In January we opened a new programme in Lavender Hill. We identified a number of young people, trained them as community coaches and provided them with the mentoring and equipment needed to engage the most at-risk youth in their community. If you've ever wandered how a Waves for Change programme gets started, read the latest blog by clicking the image opposite.

Early Research Findings

Since January of this year we've been working with the University of Cape Town and the University of the Western Cape to research the impact of our programmes. Early findings show that Waves for Change improves the ability of young people to regulate their behaviour, improves feelings of hope and peer relations and improves behaviour at home and school. A full report on the Randomised Controlled Trial will be released in our next newsletter. If you are interested in the preliminary results of this research, please email info@isiqalo.org



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