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Warmth Shared with Anna Foundation

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , Early Childhood Development (ECD) | Author: grahamp | Posted: 2016/07/06 | Views: 3349
This week the Anna Foundation took clothes to some of our most impoverished communities living on farms outside Montagu.

"I’ve had the privilege of living in Holland for a year. Winter mornings were often 1 or 2 degrees. Night times were icy cold. But Holland is prepared for this: houses are 100% insulated with indoor heating, shopping centres are heated, everyone has thick winter apparel to wear and lovely steamy food to eat. And yes, even here in South Africa we can experience these temperatures in winter and while our houses might not have under floor heating, we can put on the heaters or climb under a warm duvet."

Now take that same temperature to farm life in the Karoo but minus the infrastructure or amenities, minus even the warm food. This week we took clothes to some of our most impoverished communities living on farms outside Montagu. It was 9am and the temperature dial in my car read 2 degrees. The house has no ceiling, the floor is concrete, there are no heaters, no warm clothes and no food in sight. The children were without socks or shoes, the ‘bedroom’ was a pile of dirty old blankets lying on a torn piece of foam. Parents, grandfather and 4 children all sleep in that same room which is the size of a pantry. There were no beds, no chairs, no table, no stove, no fridge. I am just so grateful that the children are in our programme during the day where they get warm food to eat, we can give them clothes to wear and books to read and where they get love and happiness.

These 3 months of severe winter cold must be the most challenging time for so many people in our country who do not have the means to keep themselves warm. If you do have warm clothes in your cupboard that you are going to fit into just after you lose that extra weight (!!!......) – please give it away. Most towns have a shelter or local churches that will pass on your donation of clothes or blankets. We know the sun will shine again and things will get warmer, but while the ice covers the ground, please do help if you can.

May I never ever complain or be ungrateful for the life I am so fortunate to lead.



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