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Lavender Hill children receive their first surfing lesson

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The Rotary Club of Newlands gave local Lavender Hill NPO, Philisa Abafazi Bethu (PAB) the much-needed boost for its surfing programme.

Young ones from PAB can now look forward to exhilarating surfing lessons thanks to the generous donation of new surfboards from The Liberty Wharf Trust. PAB is a community based organisation in Lavender Hill which works with local children, women and elderly people who have been victims of abuse.

Through the efforts of the Rotary Club of Newlands, PAB’s corporate sponsor, The Liberty Wharf Trust was approached to make the donation of ten special surfboards for the children’s surfing lessons. These imported surfboards are made of a softer material which helps to protect the children from getting injured should they get hit by a board while learning to surf.

[Caption] Rotarian Terry Lancaster of the Rotary Club of Newlands sharing in the excitement as the club hands over surf boards to the children of a non-profit organisation Philisa Abafazi Bethu (PAB) from Lavender Hill. The surfboards were donated by The Liberty Wharf Trust through the Rotary Club of Newlands.

To support the programme, the Rotary Club of Newlands also donated wetsuits to be used for swimming and surfing lessons. It does not end there, the club also makes an effort of exposing the children to a different environment outside their community which is rife with drugs and gangsterism. The main objective is to get these children out of harm’s way through regular physical exercise. Not only do these activities create a stimulating environment for the children but they also learn about the importance of exercising and staying healthy.

“Our aim is to get these children out of negative environments on a regular basis so that they can see that there are places free of abuse and good people who have their best interest at heart,” said Terry Lancaster from the Rotary Club of Newlands. 

To ensure that the children are safe while travelling to the Muizenberg local beach, the Rotary Club of Newlands also fitted new tyres on the vehicle that transports the children and also put the vehicle through a routine safety check. The Club hopes to get other sponsors on-board to donate more surfing boards and a trailer that will transport the boards.

“We would like to thank Liz Benninger for introducing us to such a worthwhile project and The Liberty Wharf Trust for joining us and sponsoring the first surfboards. This has been an exciting project to be involved in, seeing the faces of these children light-up when we showed them the new surfing boards was priceless. It is fulfilling to know that, in a small way, we are making a difference in their lives and help shaping their future,” concludes Lancaster.

More information on the Rotary Club of Newlands is available at: www.newlands.org.za

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