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Go-Ahead for Reliance compost waste to Energy Project

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Reliance, is excited to have received the green light for the R250 million Waste to Energy project at Corona Farm in the Paarl region.

All appeals against the project have been dismissed by authorities, giving the final go-ahead to the first of its kind project. Not only will this project generate energy from organic waste, but it will directly and indirectly create over 1000 jobs, save landfill space and carbon emissions, as well as see depleted agricultural soils being rebuilt to high humus soils.

The application has taken over 3 years and millions in investment to get to this stage.

Further to the biogas plant the farm will be divided into separate commercial units. One unit for the Waste to Energy project and the rest of the units to new sustainable organic farms with the focus on ownership for young entrepreneurs, primarily from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. Five of these units have already been developed with plantings of table- and wine grapes, as well as citrus. An additional two units are in the process of being planted. Reliance has started their in-house training process consisting of new entrepreneurs through an intern program.

Furthermore the Company has combined efforts with Skills Fusion and the Department of Agriculture in training new agriculture students over the next 12 months. Mieke Willis, Marketing Manager for Reliance, states that the company’s mission is to Grow Greener Generations, and these new initiatives can be seen as a reflection of the company ethos. Reliance starts investing at Primary school level, carrying forward the message that every child/individual can dream and make that dream a reality if they are committed to making South Africa a better place for generations to come.

Reliance has expanded operations into the Southern and Eastern Cape, opening its new compost facility at Humansdorp this week.




You can change how others perceive you simply by making the choice to care. And this is exactly what these Reliance Compost Coolios, Zuki, Boeta and Dumi does on a daily basis, which cannot be left unnoticed.They may not have the biggest job responsibilities, but their dedication, efforts, respect and sense of humor are without a doubt portraying leadership in their field. Their responsibilities include: garden maintenance, washing of the trucks, general maintenance of Reliance premises and assisting other departments where needed. Enkosi kakhulu boys you’re superstars!



Reliance took hands with one of our longstanding clients, Urban Harvest Edible Gardens to develop this thriving organic food garden for the learners from Mary Kihn School for Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Observatory. Thank you to Ben and his team for donating their time, expertise and resources to create green spaces at our schools and ensuring our children eat vegetables, which are chemical-free, packaging-free, locally produced and have the highest nutritional value. Don’t forget to stop by every Monday at 13:45-14:15 to purchase some freshly picked and 100% organic veggies from this beautiful garden. All proceeds go directly to Mary Kihn School.

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