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Life Choices Launches the Y Campaign for Youth Month

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For the past three years Salesian Life Choices, a Cape Town-based social enterprise, celebrated SA's National Youth Month with ‘30 Stories in 30 Days'

This year promises to be bigger and better. In addition to sharing a different story every day in June about an extraordinary young person, Salesian Life Choices is challenging South Africans to stand in solidarity with youth.

We recently conducted cross industry market research where people were asked about topics that came to mind when hearing the word youth. Over ninety percent of respondents mentioned topics with negative connotations such as teen-pregnancy, drugs, alcohol, and unemployment to name a few. This month of June, Salesian Life Choices will run a campaign aimed at challenging this perception and invite South Africans to take action.    
30 Stories in 30 Days
As part of this campaign and following the tradition of previous years, Salesian Life Choices will also share an inspirational story of youth every day for the month of June. Some of the stories are about unimaginable suffering and hardships, but the golden thread that runs through each one is resilience and the power of the youth.

 This year’s campaign promises to be the most inspiring yet and you’ll never look at Cape Town youth in the same way. Through this campaign you will meet young people who have overcome abuse, loss, violence and neglect but have stayed on course to fulfil their potential. Many of them are making a difference in their communities and helping others to also achieve success. These stories showcase the reason WHY Salesian Life Choices believes in the potential of youth and works with them every day. 

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