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When darkness falls...

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Thieves hide easily in the darkness, preying on those who begin their walk to work before dawn and return after nightfall.

Robbery is the most common crime in Diepsloot, a place where most every door is flimsy and each pathway a peril. Think about the children living here.

Help this community!


This vibrant community of over 130 000 in the Northern part of Johannesburg South Africa live off the grid and do not enjoy the benefits of home and street lighting. In the absence of public lightning, crime level is high1.

Bringing light to the Diepsloot community, that’s what Project Sunshine is all about. Greenpeace Africa has partnered with the community of Diepsloot, the Philile Foundation, to provide clean and sustainable energy to the community.

Support this project NOW!

With your help, together we can raise R100 000 that will go to installing 8 solar street lights around the Diepsloot Early Childhood Development Centre.

Cheryl, your support to the project will prove that it is possible to bring sustainable energy to off-grid communities, It will also help raise awareness about clean energy

Make a contribution today to light up the streets

For future generations,

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