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Bhongolethu Newsletter - July 2017

Categories: Education

It is hard to believe we are already in Term 3. What a great year we have had so far. There have been a host of activities, visits and outings to keep our children and teachers busy.

In May we hosted an Open Day to showcase the faci l ities at the school . We also used this as an opportunity to thank our many donors and sponsors. We are very happy to share that two of our Grade R's have been awarded scholarships to attend Sun Val ley Primary School . Whi lst it is hard to say goodbye we welcome this wonderful opportunity for these two learners and wish them wel l on their future endeavours.

Learning to swim with Emily

The reasons to learn to swim are many and varied but top of the list is safety. Swimming is a life skill. It is with great excitement that our Grade R's have had the opportunity to learn how to swim with Emily's Swim School. A 12- week programme for each of the children kicked off in Term 2 and has seen the children embark on a water journey that will stand them in good stead for life. Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular activity that improves strength and flexibility, while it also increases stamina, balance and posture.

Sun Valley Primary Grade 5 shares some joy

In what has fast become a tradition the Grade 5's from Sun Valley Primary spent a day at Bhongolethu playing and reading with the children. The Grade 5's as part of their school's social responsibility programme spent weeks collecting educational toys that they proudly handed over to our young ones on the day.

TEARS visit to school

Tears visited the school and shared some fun animal facts including what to do when one finds a stray.



Two Oceans visit

The Grade R's got close to a shark during their class field trip to the Two Ocean's Aquarium.






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