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Recycling your way to the BANK.

Categories: HEADLINES, Environment & Bio-diversity | Author: News Desk | Posted: 2017/11/14 | Views: 1666
The Waste Minimization and Recycling Interest Group (WMRIG) had a massive turn out in Philippi, Cape Town, where 80 locally based entrepreneurs where shown how to literally turn their plastic into cash. This initiative was held in October 2017, and involved 3 organizations at the forefront of their industry, Petco (PET bottles), Polyco (other plastics) and PRASA (paper recyclers).

A decision was made to have an open day in the Philippi area for small and micro businesses. A seminar was held to share best practice and illuminate a route to financial success and economic independence.

Attendees were shown how to avail of financial and grant assistance from the three organizations represented. Entrepreneurs can access protective clothing, trailers, cages, balers and other vital equipment which is necessary to become effective as a successful business in the plastic and paper waste recycling industry.

Belinda Booker of PETCO emphasized sound business practice, and honest dealings in building one’s reputation as a collector and sorter. PETCO explained how they offered support by training, as well as funding equipment to SMMEs, including personal protective gear (gloves etc.), cages, balers among other offerings.

Polyco’s George Blackwood highlighted Polyco’s financial support through grants or interest-free loans, through which assets such as trailers, balers, cages, scales, pallet jacks, granulators, bags and bins may be funded.

Ursula Henneberry of PRASA brought her passion for recycling and personal growth for SMME owners in recycling. ‘Write your vision big and bold’ was the advice, while planning, organizing and marketing were all identified as key aspects to any growing business.

Chairperson for WMRIG Kirsten Barnes commented, ‘At WMRIG, we are passionate to see our vision of a world without waste realized. We see wastepreneurs as a key sector in the waste economy and a key priority for us is to improve the jobs and conditions that they work in. We need to have more collectors move up the value chain into more decent work – rather than just having more and more people collecting from landfills and from bins. This is the future that WMRIG is working hard to make happen.”

For more information on this press release please contact:

Jean Henderson: jean@spill.co.za

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