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Pre-call for the SAB Foundation Tholoana Enterprise Programme

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The SAB Foundation is committed to making a substantial contribution towards South Africa’s national agenda

The SAB Foundation is committed to making a substantial contribution towards South Africa’s national agenda of growing the economy and creating jobs, particularly amongst our youth. We believe that small businesses are at the heart of economies that grow and we have not only a responsibility to help, but a duty to improve the lives of people in communities.

We do this through a range of initiatives, including our Tholoana Enterprise Programme where we invest in entrepreneurs through a structured two-year business support programme, seed funding and assistance with access to markets to qualifying businesses.
The restructured Tholoana Enterprise Programme began in 2015 and last month we celebrated the graduation ceremony of our class of 2016. In total there were 37 graduates who, upon exiting the programme, collectively increased business growth by 59%, individual growth by 182% and created a remarkable 53 permanent jobs.
In August, we open applications for the next round of our Tholoana Enterprise Programme. The programme promises to deliver expert advice on all the essential elements of running a business. Make sure you click here to sign up today, and we will send you an invitation to apply. We are especially encouraging entrepreneurs with disabilities, women, youth and businesses in rural areas to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity.
The entrepreneurs on our programme continue to inspire and motivate us daily. Please read some of their stories below.

We hope to welcome you into the next class of our Tholoana Enterprise Programme so please click here to sign up today.

Meet our inspiring entrepreneurs

Thabiso Makhubo is the founder of Fashion Force Wear, a company that specialises in T-shirt printing, embroidery and design. After losing his job at an insurance company,  Thabiso decided to follow his passion for fashion and start his own branding company, regardless of his circumstances – he is paralysed from the waist down and uses a wheelchair to get around.

With the funding he received from the SAB Foundation, Thabiso bought new equipment for his business and employed four new staff members, helping him grow his monthly income from R3 000 - R10 000.

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