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As more and more people move to the cities, so township renewal becomes a priority.

South Africa and the African continent as a whole are rapidly becoming more urbanised. In South Africa more than 40% of the urban population lives in townships, and 20% live in informal settlements and low-income housing estates.

Townships across the continent are very often where structured around historical and colonial framework. Many of them - especially larger townships - contain middle- and lower-income areas and scattered middle-income households. The general trend is most township residents are poor and unemployment rates and crime rates are very high.
With more and more people making a living in townships, it becomes a challenge to plan for their housing, transport, water, and other essential services.

Africa's population is large (965 million in 2007) and growing fast (3.3%pa). The major problems facing urban centres are the decaying and ageing infrastructure, which make it less attractive to investment and hinders the development of Townships.

The aim: To benefit all
Township renewal is designed to benefit all people within the urban renewal area, in surrounding neighbourhoods and throughout the city and metropolitan area. The results of proper town planning often includes more open spaces, more efficient traffic patterns, better transportation options, diversified housing choices and more enjoyable amenities.

This high-level event will be taking place from 9 – 11 May 2012 at the OR Tambo International Airport Hotel in Johannesburg.

What are the benefits of attending TOWNSHIP RENEWAL 2012?
• Explore the best practices in integrating management , maintenance and operational aspects in developing township nodes
• Meeting the environmental concerns of new township settlements
• Planning towards creating employment in the townships
• Addressing crime through planning
• Conceptualising township development projects
• Implementing township renewal initiatives
• Designing projects that can get funding
• Co-ordination project partners
• Accounting to municipal councils and other funders
Download the http://cdn.bizcommunity.com/f/1204/TOWNSHIP_RENEWAL_CONFERENCE_2012.pdf in which you will find complete details of the event, plus the registration form, on Page 6.

Book your places now. Fax your completed registration form to +27 (0) 11 252 7828. Official orders can be sent to the same address.

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