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Image: HIGHLIGHTS  :  Trialogue CSI Conference 2015


We look forward to welcoming you in 2016 !



View the highlights from the Trialogue CSI Conference 2015   - 


Image: Inside Christel House - a day in the life of a student

Take a look at a day in a life of a Christel House learner. "The mission is simple, the challenge is Huge.
Education is a fundamental human right and will help end the vicious and repetitive cycle of poverty. You can help us transform lives and help pupils of South Africa receive a high-quality education and the social care necessary to help transform their lives... 360 degrees. Join 360 DEGREES and be the change - give a child a life to inspire to, through Christel House school.


Filmed and directed by Nicky Felbert. Branded content, bringing value to our clients by creating entertainment and awareness in the ever-increasing need for digital content.   Read More...

Social & Community, Videos
Image: Sozo Partners with Animation Studio to present The Sozo Story

The Sozo Foundation recently partnered with local animation studio, Studio Bolland, to help tell Sozo’s story through animation.

The 3-minute video introduces viewers to Vrygrond, a little-known township near Muizenberg, Cape Town, expands on the social development needs within the community, and shares how the Sozo Foundation are working to see transformation in the area.   Read More...

Image: An amazing film project to get social and climate change documents signed at the UN.

Campaigners welcome new development goals as thousands mobilise around the world

Campaigners around the world have today welcomed the adoption of the new Global Goals for sustainable development and called on leaders to seriously commit to their implementation.   Read More...

Image: Habitat for Humanity PSA Build

A PSA for Habitat for Humanity that exponentially increased donations in many forms   Read More...

Image: xenophobia speak out!

Have an ear to the ground about what Cape Town says about xenophobia! Directed by Nicky Felbert for Video Tower. https://www.videotower.co.za https://www.nickyfelbertfilm.com Thank you to Lesiba Phillip Malete for his assistance on the streets, Matilda Masendeke and Paul Waldeck for inspiration. And thank you to the many voices of Cape Town who have spoken and helped bring peace to South Africa. And to you, for watching and sharing.
" Watching the news from my computer about the xenophobic attacks in South Africa, I was appalled that this war had started up again. I have a Zimbabwean au pair, she is wonderful to my child and a pleasure to have in my home. How do I help her and the many other foreigners in South Africa? Or at least help calm the situation in Cape Town where it hadn't flared up. In 2008, Cape Town was in strife and great need over the xenophobic attacks. This should not happen again! I see Capetonians unite in peace with determination that the xenophobic attacks don't create the war and strife of previous years. They have already hurt the South African economy as tourists pull out of their holiday packages. 1 in every 12 jobs in South Africa is supported by tourism. Please watch this video and pass it around to help all the foreigners living in South Africa, help keep SA peaceful! This is a positive and important message! "   Read More...

Image: Grassroot Soccer 2015 Impact So Far.

Thanks to all our donors, supporters and partners, this is what we've collectively achieved in 2015 so far.   Read More...


Heritage Day, celebrated annually on the 24th September, has been set aside for South African’s to celebrate exactly that – our rich cultural heritage as a Nation. Although ingredients may vary, the one common thread we have is that when we have something to celebrate, we gather together, light fires and share great meals.

In the spirit of this theme, an opportunity to surprise 2 Entrepreneurs was identified with a #lootbraaimakeover, as their need truly resonated with us. These ladies braai seven days a week to support their families, and we decided to pay it forward by supplying them with some new equipment which would contribute towards strengthening their businesses.   Read More...

Social & Community, Videos
Image: Project Playground - Mapanya Sogoni TEDx Talk

Mapanya Sogoni, manager at Project Playground Langa, speaks at UniTED, a TEDx conference at University of Cape Town, South Africa, April 25th 2015.   Read More...

Image: Inspirational story about Art in the Forest

Countless children across South Africa live in households where things like crayons or paints are simply unaffordable. Nurturing a child’s artistic side isn’t a priority in communities where poverty, crime or abuse dominates the psyche. So, Art in the Forest created a small haven and a safe environment where children from disadvantaged backgrounds have the freedom to express their creativity.

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Image: World Economic Forum Visits Christel House South Africa

WEF and its YGL's from Africa visited Christel House South Africa in June 2015 to discuss strategic Education issues including Employability, Scalability and Sustainability. Regional and global leaders from business, government and civil society gathered to discuss of the central theme: ‘Reimaging Africa’s Future.’ They met with Christel House students to share and discuss ideas about employability, scalable education models, and sustainability of schools in Africa. Students and leaders worked together to present solutions that will reduce inequality, bridge the education gap, and build African competitiveness.   Read More...

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Image: "That Wave" : Waves For Change Up to 20% of young South Africans are effected by Post Traumatic Stress

Up to 20% of young South Africans are effected by Post Traumatic Stress. Waves for Change is pioneering a winning formula of surfing and evidence-based therapy programming which breaks the cycles of violence that keep South Africa's youth from their true potential.
We believe in the power of the Ocean. We want to see surf therapy programmes on every beach around the world. As the J-Bay pro rolls into South Africa, lend us your voice and let's get people talking...

Enjoy the short and we encourage you to share freely on your social networks
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Image: Gangster VS Gangstar Final Cut HD 720

Introducing our new Enterprise Brand that is bringing hope to unemployed youth from tough backgrounds. Once Gangsters NOW Gangstars making a difference and living a new life full of hope and possibilities!   Read More...

Image: Clarins Most Dynamic Woman 2013 - Sue Barnes

Sue Barnes, founder of Project Dignity, a remarkable initiative for South African school girls, has been recognised as the 2013 Clarins Most Dynamic Woman of the Year. Project Dignity assists girls who cannot afford to buy sanitary protection and are at a permanent disadvantage due to missing out on their education   Read More...

Civil Action/Philanthropy, Advocacy , Videos
Image: Activate Exchange - ActivateLeadershipZA

An Exchange is a series of actual events and dialogues that take place throughout the year. They are specifically for those who have graduated from the first year course, and they provide a platform to discuss what young people are doing to create change and what can be done to support them.   Read More...

Image: Newlands PARK INN-RADISSON Hotel making headlines for right reasons- with 30% of employees Deaf

A Cape Town Hotel has been making headlines for all the right reasons, lately by exposing guests to the world of Deaf people. 30 percent of employees at the Newlands based Park Inn by Radisson are completely or partially Deaf. It's believed the hotel has the highest compliment of Deaf employees in the world.   Read More...

Image: The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation  :  2013-14 Reconciliation Award

Tuesday, 11 November 2014 - Steenberg High School, Cape Town: The Institute for Justice and Reconciliation presented its 2013-14 Reconciliation Award to Symphonia for South Africa, for its Partners for Possibility (PfP) flagship project, for enlivening reconciliation by helping to bridge the social, economic and geographical divides between the business and education sectors   Read More...

Image: "Share The Sound Of An Aids Free Generation" and support (RED)

Babies from around the world sing in perfect harmony and share the sound of a generation free of HIV. Learn how you can help make a difference with Coca-Cola and (RED)   Read More...



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