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Image: THE SUNFLOWER FUND - National Bandana Day 2014 Advert

We wanted to show you the impact that buying a bandana has on changing lives. R25 buys someone a future. Thank you for all your support! The advert was created by the very talented team working together: The Jupiter Drawing Room, Wishbones, Adstream and Post.   Read More...


kulula has partnered with the Children’s Hospital Trust to fly kids like our little hero, Esihle, from all around South Africa in need of medical treatment to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital.     Read more ...       Watch her on her journey to recovery, and help the lives of others like her take flight by making a donation to Red Cross Children’s Hospital.

Image: DreamWorker  - working for the unemployed in South Africa LET’S GET SOUTH AFRICA WORKING!

Our current vision is to get as many people as possible into employment in the Cape Metropole. Our long term vision is to expand the DreamWorker model right across South Africa. We rely entirely on grant funding and donations from satisfied employers and corporate donors. Most importantly, our employees take home every cent they earn – no commission and no charges! Dreaming Big!   Read More...

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This video highlights recommendations on how to use your purchasing power to mitigate climate change.   Read More...

Image: Join Our Journey: Uhambo USA

Learn why the work of Uhambo is so important to support people with disabilities in Africa and provide them with opportunities.   Read More...

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Image: Interview with Dave Martin, founder of Bulungula Lodge and Incubator Bulungula Lodge and Incubator – 'A catalyst for vibrant and sustainable rural communities'

An incubator was created to develop innovative responses to challenges faced by the community in five areas: basic services, sustainable livelihoods, education, health and nutrition. It represents today more than 200 people that are working directly or indirectly for Bulungula Lodge and Incubator.   Read More...

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Image: GRS GIRLS UNITED GRS Pro Ambassador Christen Press Launches GRS Girls United Campaign

This season Christen is scoring goals for girls by dedicating her goals on the pitch to helping us reach more girls with the transformative SKILLZ Street program. A generous group of donors will be matching funds for every goal Christen scores in 2014, up to $55,000! This means that your donation to the campaign, in any amount, will be doubled!   Read More...

Image: The Mhani Gingi model promotes social entrepreneurship

Mhani Gingi – when translated into English – stands for a caring industrious woman who is always looking for lasting solutions to social problems. Mhani Gingi is a non-profit organization that strives to provide innovative business solutions which are sustainable and profitable and contribute towards alleviating poverty in South Africa.

The Mhani Gingi network was established in 2006 by founding director Lillian Masebenza. After five years, over 500 women have been through Mhani Gingi’s program, and the success stories are many. This shows an organization maximizing the impact even though the resources are scarce.

Mhani Gingi provides:

• Business training
• Skills development
• Mentorship  

Image: His Day is Done - A Tribute Poem for Nelson Mandela

Video message delivered by Dr. Maya Angelou on behalf of the American people in memory of Nelson Mandela.



This video captures the work that NICRO is doing, and the impact this organisation has on South African communities.   Read More...

Image: Establish loving homes for orphaned, vulnerable and destitute children in South Africa

Help more than 3 million orphans of South Africa ...

Come and have FUN giving back. Volunteer 3 hours of your time and help us to upgrade facilities at institutions for orphaned and vulnerable children.

Become a volunteer at projects - Volunteer your skills - Donate or become a fundraising activist.

Learn more on http://www. newkidz.org.za

67 Minutes for Madiba

This year the Drakensberg Boys Choir hosted their neighbors - The Champagne Valley School during Madiba Day. The boys and visitors had a lot of fun, which lasted longer than 67 minutes. This video shows a synopsis of our 2013 Madiba Day experience!   Read More...

Image: Greenpeace Africa turning five

This month, Greenpeace Africa is turning five – and we’d like to say thank you!

It’s exciting to look back at what was once the youngest, smallest member in the Greenpeace family and see all we've achieved since since 2008.

We couldn’t have done any of it without our you. So we’ve put together a little video to show you how we feel : To ensure we can continue to make a difference, we’d really appreciate a small birthday present.

We are entirely funded by people like you, and accept no government or corporate donations. Your contribution enables us to remain completely independent, able to take bold action when needed, holding governments and corporates accountable for their actions.

Our mailing address is:

Greenpeace Africa
10 Clamart Road, Richmond
Johannesburg, Gauteng 2109
South Africa  

Louise Van Rhyn -

Louise is the founder of Symphonia, a group of organizations committed to sustainable transformation in people, teams, companies, organizations and communities throughout the world   Read More...


Projects of Matla A Bana - A voice against child abuse by Dischem Foundation





PATCH, the Helderberg Child Abuse Centre, aims to support all child victims of sexual abuse in the Helderberg and strives to prevent the incidence of this horrific crime committed against innocent children.   Read More...

Award winning YouTube Video

This video was done for Street Smart SA by a team of dedicated supporters from the The Animation School in Cape Town. Its title "Street Smart SA - ACardboardReality" sums up what its message is. This short clip is very powerful and the objective is to sensitise more people about the work being done by this organisation.   Read More...


Our planet is facing more trouble with every passing year, and we're all working harder than ever to solve the climate crisis along with defending our forests, oceans and agriculture.   Read More...


Green Toys Pizza Parlor USA Assembly
An NBC video shows the Green Toys Stacking Pizza being assembled in the USA. The Pizza Parlor is made from 100% recycled milk jugs in the USA.   Read More...

Image: Day of 1000 Trees - Heritage Day 2011 - a Greenpop project


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