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Image: Building BRICS to End Poverty: ActionAid The growth of BRICS Must Contribute to Ending the Socio-Economic Challenges
Despite being a relatively new player on the international scene, the BRICS [Brazil, Russia, India, China and SouthAfrica] club represents a potentially huge shift in the way global political and economic agreements are struck.   Read More...

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This Article Focuses on the SA Nonprofit Sector and Certain Challenges that Plague Civil Society as a Whole

At present, South Africa (SA) has an extensive and lively non-governmental sector which boasts roughly 100 000 registered nonprofit organisations (NPOs) and an estimated 50 000 unregistered ones.(2) SA’s large nonprofit sector is the product of a diverse society including a variety of ethnic groups and a history that has informed the way in which South African society operates as a whole, as well as the way in which the nonprofit sector conducts its operations.   Read More...

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The welfare sector will get a boost in this year’s budget, with an extra R600 million set aside to fund NGOs hard-hit by a drop in donor funding

The welfare sector will get a boost in this year’s budget, with an extra R600 million set aside to fund NGOs hard-hit by a drop in donor funding and an additional R938 million to create posts for social workers over the medium-term.   Read More...

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- sharing the passion by investing in the Education

A partnership initiative to support the important role of early childhood education in rural South Africa was realised recently when two Grade R classrooms, constructed from decommissioned shipping containers, were handed to the Agter-Witzenberg farm community outside Ceres in South Africa's Western Cape region.   Read More...

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Image: A Lesson for African CSOs NGOs Must Pay More Attention to Branding and Competitive Positioning
As a founding member of a 2-year old non-profit organization (NPO), I am full aware that donor funding that was once ever-streaming to South Africa is drying up.   Read More...

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Image: South African Civil Society – Quo Vadis? CSOs Must Prepare for New Opportunities and Challenges
CSOs should become more ‘self-critical’ in order to sustain themselves and their services, and remain relevant in their mission to change people’s lives for the better.   Read More...

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Business Report (Pretoria News)

THE BUDGET Review's figures show that in financial 2010/11 the SA Revenue Service (Sars) lost a mere R118 million of potential revenue as a result of donations made by taxpayers. This figure was up from R111m the previous year, R107m in 2008/09 and just R84m in 2007/08.   Read More...

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Global solar power plant developer SunEdison has broken ground at the site of its first project in South Africa – a solar-resource-rich country where it is hoping to develop a sizeable operating base and create the platform for further expansions into Africa.   Read More...

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- raising funds to support the Waves for Change centres

We are looking to raise £2,000 through online donations. If we succeed, the Big Give will double it! We are raising funds to support the Waves for Change centres opened with the funds you raise, right here, last year! Make a big splash and bring surfing and HIV education to more SA Townships in 2013 .

COMPANY NEWS , Sustainability
- Businesses and NGOs to apply

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to apply for the award-winning Legends Programme, implemented by Fetola and supported by Old Mutual and others.   Read More...

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- hosted by Greenpop

Greenpop hosted the Sustain our Africa Youth Summit at the V&A Waterfront. 187 eager learners from 4 of Greenpop’s top performing beneficiary schools came out for the day of green learning. We had learners from St Augustine’s Primary School in Ravensmead, Surrey Primary in Manenberg, Clarke Primary in Elsies Rivier and Kalksteenfontein Primary in Elsiesrivier.   Read More...

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Aquaponics - sustainable vertical farming

Aquaponics is a sustainable vertical farming system moyo has developed in collaboration with the University of Stellenbosch establishing the moyo urban farm. As is moyo tradition, great focus is placed on sourcing sustainable products, so much so that aquaponic produce is grown in the souk, ready to be picked and eaten- it doesn't come any fresher and demonstrates the future of urban organic farming.   Read More...

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Non Profit Job and Service Cuts Survey report-

80% of non profit organisations in South Africa have experienced significant funding cuts over the last year and over 64% had to cut services to their beneficiaries, according to our survey of South African non profits. The findings also show that 43% of organisations have had to retrench staff as a result of funding cuts.   Read More...

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The price of petrol has just gone up - so you want to use less, right?

A quick pit stop at the petrol station is enough to put a good dent in your wallet. New technology is set to lower the high cost of filling up your car, by enabling combustion engines to consume two to 3% less petrol and significantly less oil, while eliminating a step in engine production.   Read More...

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SA has sun for Africa... Black silicon solar cells could help us harness the Sun's energy.

Solar cells convert three-quarters of the energy contained in the Sun‘s spectrum into electricity – yet the infrared spectrum is entirely lost in standard solar cells. In contrast, black silicon solar cells are specifically designed to absorb this part of the Sun‘s spectrum – and researchers have recently succeeded in doubling their overall efficiency.   Read More...

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Imagine... Windows that generate energy - and you can even see through them.

A new type of transparent solar cell is a step toward making windows able to generate electricity while still letting people to see outside, researchers say in this article republished courtesy of the American Chemical Society and World Science staff. The development is reported in the American Chemical Society research journal ACS Nano. It is also described in the latest episode of the society’s Global Challenges/Chemistry Solutions podcast, available free at iTunes.   Read More...

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In a country such as SA, facing water challenges, desalination has potential.

There are vast quantities of seawater available; drinking water, on the other hand, is in scarce supply. Desalination plants can convert seawater to drinking water. Yet these plants require pipelines made of a special kind of steel or titanium – expensive material that is growing increasingly difficult to procure. Heat-conducting polymer composites may soon replace titanium altogether.   Read More...

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In an age when energy production is expensive, cutting consumption makes great sense.

Big data needs big power. The server farms that support the Internet run on a vast tide of electricity. Even companies that have invested in upgrades to minimise their eco-footprint use tremendous amounts: The New York Times estimates that Google, for example, uses enough electricity in its data centres to power about 200,000 homes, writes Princeton University's John Sullivan.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Sustainability
NSF announces first round of awards for novel energy research program.

In 2011, the National Science Foundation (NSF) created the Sustainable Energy Pathways (SEP) program to spark innovative energy solutions that meet societal needs without creating burdens for future generations. NSF envisions such solutions being domestically generated, at a reasonable cost, and not dependent on rare resources - while avoiding adverse environmental or societal consequences, not contributing to greenhouse gas emissions and preserving essential ecosystems.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Sustainability
'Going green' pays off in more ways than you'd think, it seems.

Bucking the idea that environmentalism hurts economic performance, a new UCLA-led study has found that companies that voluntarily adopt international ‘green’ practices and standards have employees who are 16% more productive than the average, writes UCLA's Alison Hewitt.   Read More...

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