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Image: Giving disabled learners in Durban the digital education experience they deserve. Computer literacy is an incredibly important life skill and forms part of the curriculum at the Open Air School.

Through a recent generous financial injection by Correll Tissue, the school is now able to further invest in much needed technology for the learners, to provide them with an improved digital education experience.   Read More...

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Image: Reading is the key to learning... unlock the door this Mandela Day. Reading is the key to learning... unlock the door this Mandela Day. International studies have revealed that regardless of nationality, level of education, or their parents’ economic status, children who grow up with books in their homes reach a higher level of education than those who do not.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: EELC 2016 Annual Report - Advancing education justice The EELC aims to advance access to education through movement lawyering, community lawyering and legal research.

The Equal Education Law Centre (EELC) is proud to announce the launch of its 2016 Annual Report. Our annual report shows the range and complexity of the EELC’s work, and its engagement with the practice of democratic accountability and the Constitution’s vision of equality.   Read More...

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Image: Call to action for Child Protection Week “A child’s ability to learn is not only affected by the quality of teaching, the state of their classroom and the quality of their books.
As we observe Child Protection Week from 27 May to 02 June, the Adopt-a-School (AAS) Foundation calls upon government, NGOs and civil society to combine their efforts to protect vulnerable children against neglect, abuse and exploitation. Unless children are properly nurtured and protected from harm, no amount of improvement to schooling will yield better educational outcomes.   Read More...

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Image: Nolufefe Educare Centre in Philippi reopened thanks to Rotary Club of Claremont’s Injongo Project “It is a great pleasure to partner with the Injongo Project,” says Johan Enslin, CEO of Lewis Group

Last year Nolufefe was on the brink of being shut down (left image) because the building was structurally unsafe. The Rotary Club of Claremont’s Injongo Project stepped in to help, with generous support from the Lewis Group. The children were moved to a temporary venue while building work began and today, smiling children sang and danced in celebration of their new building (right image) which not only looks beautiful, but no longer leaks when it rains.   Read More...

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Image:  Cape School Launches Global Fundraising Campaign Imhoff Waldorf School to raise R7-million in 700 hours to initiate build visionary eco-school

Cape Town – Imhoff Waldorf School, located on the Southern Peninsula in the Western Cape, South Africa has launched an urgent campaign to raise R7-million to secure its dream of building a visionary permanent home after 21-years of commitment to alternative education for its diverse community.   Read More...

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TSiBA strives for transformation, diversity, access and inclusivity in education and also in daily life. For this reason we have included more than just the English language in our 2016 Annual Report to reflect and celebrate South Africa’s rainbow nation.

Download the Annual Report 2016  

COMPANY NEWS , Education
Image: Umlazi's Harvard pride making good on promise to give back in SA “The Dlulisa Initiative will truly make a big difference for South Africa,” says Radebe, speaking from his digs at the prestigious university.

Mfundo Radebe, who made waves last year after being accepted into Harvard on a full scholarship, will return to South Africa next month to launch an ambitious initiative to assist underprivileged learners throughout the country.   Read More...

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Image: Addressing the literacy rights of rural children this World Book Day This April, Nal’ibali’s Story Powered Schools team is hosting a series of community dialogues at over 200 rural schools in the E Cape and KZN

The dialogues will provide an opportunity to show parents, educators and community members what they can do to support the literacy learning of all our children, including those in South Africa’s most remote areas. “When we talk about rights, most people are surprised to learn that children have rights too as many of these cannot be enforced by law – such as the right to be loved and cherished ...   Read More...

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Image: The Cape Town Science Centre celebrates teachers In the spirit of Freedom Day, on Friday the 28th of April, the Cape Town Science Centre (CTSC) will be paying tribute to teachers.

Teachers who have dedicated a considerable part of their life to impart moral and academic knowledge to their students. On this day, teachers will gain free entry to CTSC in order to enjoy its hands-on interactive exhibits and people centered activities which include popular science shows, science theatre, workshops and many other entertaining science based activities.   Read More...

Image: New Scholarship Offer for SA Students

Launch of a new scholarship program offering a $1000 scholarship to a deserving and needy student to pay for their tuition fees.
To get more information about the requirements of the scholarship, please click here .

COMPANY NEWS , Education, Funding
Image: Off the street and into a family Youngsters at the Khayalethu Youth Centre in Port Elizabeth are in high spirits thanks to a R 35 000 donation by Paarl Coldset Port Elizabeth.

This forms part of the Coldset printing division of Novus Holdings. This CSI initiative aims to give ‘a hand up, not a hand-out’ to its beneficiaries by empowering them to grow independently. The Kayelethu Youth Centre instils a sense of pride in boys formerly living on the streets by helping them to aim high and achieve their goals. Khayalethu means “our home” and that is precisely what the Centre provides for the 35 boys aged between six and 21 living there.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: TSiBA : The Opportunity of a Lifetime To Study Business Starts Now! There is a gaping need for free; quality and sustainable education which is not a new phenomenon in South Africa, eg : the #FeesMustFall crisis.

It is a harsh reality that many South Africans are still not able to access tertiary education due to socio-economic constraints. But there is hope and there are options as experienced by 120 Western Cape students awarded scholarships to study accredited leadership and entrepreneurship qualifications at a local award-winning business school.  These students come from diverse backgrounds around the country, but their dreams are the same - to study at tertiary level and change not only their own lives, but those around them.   Read More...

HEADLINES, Education
Image: Private – Public collaborations for the upliftment of underprivileged schools The Industrial Development Corporation celebrated five fruitful years of partnership with Adopt-a-School (AAS) Foundation and the Department of Education at an event in Bushbuckridge. The three schools in Mpumalanga adopted by the IDC have improved their annual pass rates by an average of 20 percentage points, giving thousands of underprivileged learners educational opportunities that will allow them to rise above their impoverished circumstances.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Education, Health
Image: Clover story of dairy unfolds during National School Health Week: 'School Health Week' in South Africa, what better way to keep this important conversation going, with a visit to Clover's Visitor centre.

In celebration of the important week, which has brought focus to healthcare at schools, Clover is delighted to introduce school children, scholars and teachers to the world of milk - which provides a rich source of calcium, a mineral essential for healthy bones and teeth. Learners and their teachers are invited to come take a tour at their brand new facility that provides an educational and behind the scenes dairy and beverage experiences.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Education
Image: Woolworths & MySchool exceed R100 million fundraising target for education Woolworths announce the "MySchool ‘Raise R100 million for Education" campaign has raised R104.9 million, exceeding target of R100 million set in 2015

This milestone could only be achieved thanks to the support of our customers and active MySchool cardholders who participated in the campaign between April 2015 and December 2016. The campaign is part of Woolworths’ and MySchool’s ongoing commitment to improving the quality of education in South African schools.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Educational excursions top of mind at Cape Town NGO Educational activities that allowed the youngsters to learn about different animals such as sheep, rabbits and ducks took place throughout the day.

“The beautiful summer day was perfect to spend outdoors with the children. Most importantly, they were taught how to look after the environment,” says Ghairunisa Johnstone-Cassiem, Director at Mustadafin Foundation.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Education
Image: Woolworths & MySchool SHINE light on young readers Every festive season, Woolworths and MySchool embark on a special drive to raise funds to make a meaningful life-long impact on children in need.

Over December 2016, up until Christmas Day, R420 000 was raised for Shine Literacy simply by customers swiping their MySchool and linked Woolies cards at till points.  These funds were over and above the usual support for customers’ own selected beneficiaries, which already amounted to R5,39milion in the month of December.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image:  TSiBA student : “Failing is not the end of the world, get up and journey on” Sipho Sithole - For many privileged youth in South Africa their career challenge is simply figuring out what to be when they grow up.

For others the challenge is simply figuring out how to achieve the dreams they were certain about from a very young age. One of these determined youngsters is Sipho Collen Sithole, 23 years of age, from Langa in Cape Town. Sipho was born and bred in Soweto, Gauteng, but left his family and everything he knew to move to Cape Town in 2014 to pursue his lifelong dream of one day owning his own business.   Read More...

COMPANY NEWS , Education
Image: Capitec Bank continues to invest in Motshegofadiwa Primary School Stinkwater Hammanskraal, Motshegofadiwa Primary School will receive their second handover of maths and science equipment to the value of R 94 500.00

This is part of the continued support from Capitec Bank, who has committed to donating R10 from every ticket sold at the 2016 The Color Run Pretoria event, which has to date raised R 177 500.

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