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Be Bold For Change - International Women's Day

Categories: ALL THE NEWS , HIV/AIDS, Sport
International Women’s Day greetings from Lilongwe, Malawi! I’m here as part of a trip to several African countries

This is to check in with our Grassroot Soccer teams and participants, and to meet some of our fantastic implementing partners. My favorite part of spending time at our programs is the inspiring people I get to meet.

The theme of International Women’s Day this year is “Be Bold for Change”, and that’s exactly what comes to mind when I think about the amazing women making a true difference for young people through Grassroot Soccer.

Women like Athi, who is using her passion for soccer to be a role model to young girls, Benediction, who has completely turned her life around by focusing on helping others, Marilyn, who has faced the stigma surrounding HIV head-on to become a changemaker, our pro ambassador Christen Press, who is spreading our message and inspiring our team, and Ondela, who has a passionate drive to shape her community.
Only by being bold will we change the game, and only by being bold will we create a gender equal world. On this International Women's Day, I encourage you to get inspired by these stories and take part; below are some ways you can participate.

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