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Dreams have no gender

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Grassroot Soccer! Ensuring young people can become agents of change

It’s so important for men and boys to be advocates for gender equality. By supporting the work of Grassroot Soccer, you’ll be enabling boys and young men to develop positive perceptions of themselves and their female counterparts; to rethink what it means to be a man; and to promote healthy and protective behaviors around sexual violence, substance abuse, power, and other sensitive topics. You’ll also be strengthening the educational and sexual and reproductive health assets of girls.

“Helping my mum out in the kitchen had been like a taboo to me because of the popular myth that only females take part in household chores. But thanks to SKILLZ Guyz that came to my school, they showed us how and why it is wrong not to take part in household chores under the wrong impression that those are female duties. We played a game called SOCCER EQUALITY and that further opened my eyes to gender equality. Now, I’m a very good boy at home; if you see my mother and sister, ask them. I’m a changed person right now.”

You’ll be ensuring young people can become agents of change—because dreams have no gender.

Please make a gift to Grassroot Soccer! Every $25 you give provides an adolescent with the mentors, knowledge, and access to health services they need to thrive.

Thank you for helping us to create gender-equitable communities and better health outcomes for young people.


Team Grassroot Soccer

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