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The Anna Foundation prides itself in being a transparent organisation and produces a monthly e-newsletter with updates on the 3 R’s Programme and other news both within the organisation and in terms of its supporters, donors and fundraisers. 

Should you wish to be added to their mailing list please email carolyn@]annafoundation.com  - the newsletter is also uploaded to the Anna Foundation website for online viewing under the tab ‘Monthly News’


ALL THE NEWS , Education, Youth
Image: Anna Foundation - Our Youth, their Rights and Responsibilities - May June 2018 EDUCATION - For the May training the faciliitators learned various methodologies to improve learner discipline.

Resources such as reflection sheets, merit lists and task lists were introduced. Techniques such as breathing methods, clapping, playing games like ‘Simon Says’ that could be used to refocus learner attention, or to calm or quieten down the learners were demonstrated through role play.

ALL THE NEWS , Social & Community
Image: Anna Foundation - on a roll with bicycles, cheetahs and marathons! It’s the time of year when we focus on securing our funding and completing our strategic planning for 2018. This means growth for the Anna Foundation

With this growth in mind, we’ve expanded our core staff to increase the support we offer to our projects. It’s always exciting to get new energy and new blood into the organisation, and in this case we are specifically excited by the involvement of Leana Claasen who was a previous facilitator at one of our projects since 2010! Leana brings a wealth of hands on experience, having worked on the ground for 7 years with the Anna Foundation programmes, and now being ‘behind the scenes’ and offering support and training to the women at the projects. We are excited to watch her develop in this role!   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Social & Community
Image: ANNA FOUNDATION : Teens, TV Time and Epic Adrenalin 2017 Absa Cape Epic, we are excited to announce that South African legend Willie Engelbrecht will partner with Pierre-Henri for the Anna Foudation.

It was so exciting to watch some of our young children being interviewed for SABC TV this month. Not because they were on TV per se, but because they spoke so clearly using well formulated sentences … some even answering in English! This confidence would never have been possible 3 years ago! It just goes to show the impact our drama programme is having on these children’s self-esteem and confidence.   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: The Anna Foundation & the 3 R’s Story 3 R's News: Reading, Running, Right-ing

For both facilitators and children, this month’s focus is on applying new skills and knowledge. Although it is most important to not forget but to integrate prior knowledge and skills that has been learned!   Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Early Childhood Development (ECD)
Image: Warmth Shared with Anna Foundation This week the Anna Foundation took clothes to some of our most impoverished communities living on farms outside Montagu.

"I’ve had the privilege of living in Holland for a year. Winter mornings were often 1 or 2 degrees. Night times were icy cold. But Holland is prepared for this: houses are 100% insulated with indoor heating, shopping centres are heated, everyone has thick winter apparel to wear and lovely steamy food to eat. And yes, even here in South Africa we can experience these temperatures in winter and while our houses might not have under floor heating, we can put on the heaters or climb under a warm duvet."   Read More...

Image: Revamping Bikes, Epic Plans and Running Around Anna Foundation have just got selected as an official partner of the ABSA CAPE EPIC 2017 – 2019

We just got selected as an official partner of the ABSA CAPE EPIC 2017 – 2019…. Yes we were a beneficiary in the past, but the stakes have been raised and there are now only 4 main charities involved, of which the Anna Foundation is one!    Read More...

ALL THE NEWS , Education
Image: Already term 1 is over! It has been a wild start to the year but a start I am feeling very proud of.

Our projects are now ticking over nicely, our facilitators are receiving incredibly valuable training and on site support, we’ve managed to monitor our children’s reading age and spelling ability (to be repeated twice more during the year) and we’ve already upgraded 2 of our school venues. All our children are eating nutritious meals and already I can see a difference in their well being.  So if I say so myself…. GO ANNA FOUNDATION GO!   Read More...

Image: Teaching rural kids life skills through drama

Farm children in the Western Cape have recently benefited from a complete life-skills programme designed by the Anna Foundation, with the assistance of well-known drama therapist Amelda Brand, which makes use of the dramatic idiom and drama games.

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