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Specific mixes can be produced for clients according to their individual needs, keeping in mind the requirements of the organic certification. The general specification standard for mixes is as follows:

  • Lawndressing, a 50/50 mix of coarse sand and 12mm mature compost.
  • Bowling Green Mix, normally a mix in a ratio of 60:40, 60 being the coarse sand and 5mm screened river sand and 40 being the 5mm screened.
  • Potting Mix, 12mm screened bark (2 parts), 12mm screened compost (4 parts) and coarse sand 12mm screened (1 part).
  • Topsoil Mix, 30mm screened compost and coarse sand mixed in a 50:50 ratio.
  • Chips are the unscreened shredded Garden Greens for the use in compost.
  • Screened Shredded Garden Greens, Duratech chips fresh from chipping screened 50mm.
  • Mulch, 2 - 3 week composted product from Duratech chips
  • Bark (Nuggets and Milled),  milled (fine) bark is screened to 12mm and Nuggets are screened 50mm or 30mm.


  • 5mm (Super Fine) – Screened,mature product with particles not exceeding 5mm
  • 12mm (Fine) - Screened, mature product with particles not exceeding 12mm
  • 30mm (Medium) - Screened, mature product with particles not exceeding 30mm
  • 50mm (Rough) - Screened, mature product with particles not exceeding 50mm

Reliance sells bagged products to nurseries and private clients in 15L and 30L bags. They can bag any product for clients to facilitate easier handling, even bag products in bulk (500kg /1000kg) bags if required.
Deliveries of bagged and bulk product is done on request to any destination.


























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