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About Us

ROGZ Academy has the privilege of being a partner to Sophakama Primary School an under-resourced school in the Dunoon area that counts various children from the ROGZ family amongst its 1 600 learners.
We decided to put our weight behind a tried and tested programme with proven results and we joined the Partners for Possibility (PfP) programme.
The primary objective is to build sustainable capacity within the school, with the initial focus on leadership development, team building and community involvement.
The school principal, Sabelo Makubalo, was paired with a business partner, Irené Raubenheimer for ROGZ Academy, for a year of formal training, during which much emphasis was centered around unlocking the potential within the school and community. Over time, Sabelo and Irené established a relationship of trust and worked with the School Management Team (SMT) to identify strategic goals.

A key strategic area was the need to improve Literacy. Books and Beyond, a project team of four, joined with ROGZ Academy. We took on the role of implementation agents, and from humble beginnings, we started our morning English literacy programme.
The ROGZ Academy Books & Beyond Team was born. To achieve this goal and the school’s other strategic goals, the ROGZ Academy Books and Beyond team work together with the school to implement appropriate programmes, together with our various partners.

We believe that our model can be taken to all schools in South Africa  and have an impact on more South African children.
ROGZ Academy Books and Beyond, working together to help our disadvantaged children have a hope for their future ... because individual efforts can impact on children’s lives in a real way!





















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