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Sea  Harvest  Foundation




Companies can no longer be solely focused on creating wealth; it is incumbent on every responsible corporate citizen to consider how it spends its money in order to demonstrate care for its employees and the communities in and around which it operates.

Twenty years ago, Sea Harvest formalised this approach to responding to the needs of society, specifically in Saldanha Bay and surrounding communities, with the establishment of the Sea Harvest Foundation.

Since 1998, the Foundation has been used as a vehicle through which Sea Harvest has tried to drive social change by directing a portion of the wealth it creates towards projects that benefit, uplift and empower South Africans in communities on the Cape west coast. Millions of Rands have been invested in projects through partnerships with government and non-profit organisations.

The impact that Sea Harvest has had on local communities as a result of the Foundation’s activities was evaluated in 2016. One of the decisions resulting from this process was to restructure the Foundation as a non-profit company (NPC) to improve its ability to assess and respond to applications for support.

With Sea Harvest Group’s listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 2017, Sea Harvest is determined to ensure that, as it grows and pursues its vision of becoming a leading, responsible and diversified global company,  it will continue to look for opportunities to enhance the growth, development and empowerment of communities in and around which it operates.














































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