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Sea  Harvest  Foundation



The Sea Harvest Foundation (NPC) has specific focus areas, which it believes are critical in empowering and uplifting local communities, especially on the Cape West Coast.

These include early childhood development; education; sports development; community development; and health. Since its inception, the Foundation has enabled various community-based and community-driven organisations and projects to achieve its goals through financial assistance, physical assistance, as well as professional guidance and mentoring.

Some of the many projects/ programmes supported in recent years include the following :

  • Since 2010, Sea Harvest’s Kids-for-Kids campaign has donated more than R1 million to help fund necessary improvements to the Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital – the largest, stand-alone, tertiary hospital dedicated to healing children in Sub-Saharan Africa.
  • Sea Harvest entered into a working relationship with the Western Cape Department of Social Development whereby it the Sea Harvest Social Development Office, situated in Saldanha Main Road, and five additional satellite offices  in the region. These offices have played an integral part in various success stories and have resulted in attention being given to hundreds substance abuse cases and childcare interventions, including the removal of children to foster care. This essential service has also been made available to our employees through the Sea Harvest Onsite Clinic where a resident social worker is available twice a week to assist with any challenges they may be facing. Sea Harvest employees, on referral from the social worker, can now receive free counselling and treatment from any of the 8 state facilities available on the West Coast, thanks to this initiative.
  • With the assistance of the Department of Social Development, we have also created an After-Rehabilitation Care programme that aims to provide support group assistance to employees who have attended alcohol and drug rehabilitation programmes. These sessions are hosted on the company’s premises and take place after hours on a weekly basis and are open to all families of affected employees.
  • A huge highlight of Sea Harvest’s community involvement was the launch of three pre-Grade R and Grade R classrooms for approximately 100 learners in Diazville, Saldanha Bay, in 2018. Sea Harvest is excited to see the positive effect that this multi-million rand investment will have on the lives of the children who will have the privilege of receiving tuition and care at the school.
  • In 2017 and 2018 alone, more than 50 students were awarded bursaries to fund their varied fields of study.


In 2018, the Sea Harvest Foundation (NPC) completed the construction of a Grade R school at Diazville Primary in Saldanha, which it handed over to the Western Cape Department of Education. The school was built to address the issue of overcrowding at schools and to promote early childhood development.


Funding given to the West Coast Music Outreach contributed to a group of learners from Saldanha and Vredenburg being able to travel to the Grahamstown Festival in 2018 to participate in a workshop hosted by Graeme College’s Music Department.


Tertiary students who received a bursary for various fields of study from the Sea Harvest Foundation (NPC) in 2018. Hundreds of students have been supported in their studies by the Foundation in recent years. The closing date for applications is the end of January every year.


In 2018, funding was given to the Saldanha Cycling Club, which was started by a local teacher and is aimed at promoting a healthy lifestyle amongst learners.



Through its Kids-for-Kids programme, Sea Harvest donated funds to the Red Cross Children’s Hospital Trust in 2018 that was used to support a provincial government initiative in honour of the late President Nelson Mandela. It will see 100 operations performed on patients on a waiting list by end of December 2018.



























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