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About Us

“Stories are just data with a soul” - Dr Rene Brown

Triple Bottom Line

20 years after the birth of democracy, South Africa remains in a state of permanent re-construction. And at the same time, advances in technology continue to shape and change the way we think, the way we act and the way we connect with each other and the world.

At WhyFive we believe strategic insights that unpack the WHY behind human perception and behaviour are key to creating sustainable products, services and organisations. And sustainability, in all its guises, is the path to a better future.

Through a variety of data-fuelled projects and products, WhyFive makes the world a better place by enabling South African businesses, organisations and enterprises to shape and execute strategy with a dual purpose: to satisfy commercial imperatives and benefit society as a whole.


 What we do

Conceptualise surveys…

We find ways of accessing interesting slices of the economically active population – in South Africa, Africa and the World. Then we ask them questions about what they think, what they do, what they care about, how they feel, etc – the kind of questions that lead to answers that have the power to change our lives.

… and bring them to life…

We believe in the power of storytelling: compelling narratives are the most powerful way to ensure that data translates into insights – and insights inform strategy.

So all of our stories begin by asking ‘why’ five times. That’s how you get to the core of any problem – and that’s where meaningful solutions are born.

There’s a lot, probably too much, data out there in the world, but it only has value if people understand what it means and how it can add value to their thinking.

… for people who care.

We deliver insights, stories and strategic tools to a broad range of advertising, communication, strategic, research and consulting agencies in the general field of ‘marketing’. And we partner with brands who have a yearning to know what their customers, and non-customers are thinking. In short, we deal with businesses who actually care what people think.

































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