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About Us


Creating a safe space where children come to learn maths and leave having learned much more.
To accompany the women on a journey of self discoverty in which they get to know their own gifts and strenghs so that they can take the next step into the future


Learner by learner, school by school, community by community, we will improve maths results, resulting in an improved economy.


We will employ the nurturing  power of motherly love to find and empower:

  • Retired teachers who love maths to be mentors.
  • Mothers who create a safe place where children can become confident in maths and much more.
  • Educators with whom to collaborate.
  • Friends who will support our efforts.

Our greater good



MathMoms Is a women’s initiative, powered by motherly love that builds confident communities – one maths empowered child at a time. 

The purpose of MathMoms is to contribute to quality education, with the focus on maths, for foundation phase learners in previously disadvantaged schools.

It is not only the learners who benefit from the programme. The MathMoms and the mentors receive training to prepare them for the classroom, not only to teach mathematics but also to support the learners and each other. They have training sessions on topics as diverse as parenting, life skills, understanding children’s behaviour, personal branding, first aid, understanding and dealing with trauma, and working with traumatised children.

What we do

The MathMom is mentored to tutor foundation phase learners in basic math skills.
She works with 2 learners at a time, during school hours, working with four learners per day. Children in her neighborhood also receive guidance from her. She is required to tutor at least 4 children at home with maths and homework.
The MathMom is also required to make herself available to assist in schools in other ways.
She is equipped in various ways to build meaningful relationships in the classroom as well as in the community. We invest in her personal growth to enable her to become a role model for the learner and in the community. We aim at building relationships among the MathMoms within which they can experience belonging and mutual support.













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