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Who benefit from our work:

  • Parents - The confidence to be responsible parents.
  • Retired teachers - Retired school teachers or mothers, that are respected and trusted community leaders. Willing to walk a road with MathMoms and their learners.
  • Schools in these areas – Gain positive engagement from parents, we also provide learning resources.
  • Teachers - Empowered to deliver results that exceed expectations.
  • Library – we work together on projects and training and special events
  • Communities - The confidence to move from hopelessness to pride.
  • Donors - Giving visionary corporate citizens the opportunity to improve the economy through a conscious investment in education.
  • Faith based organisations work together (Christians and Muslims)

The programme gives opportunity for restitution, addressing historical imbalances.

Success Stories

Maybe the Moms can answer this question the best:

How do they help solve the problem, and who benefits from their work?
The MathMoms improves the mathematical skills of Grade 2 to  4 learners in underprivileged schools. The graphs below reflect the 2018  Maths results for the Grade 2 and Grade 3 learners.

The MathMoms provide a safe space for learners, where they experience emotional and physical security

Through the programme, previously unemployed women are employed, trained and upskilled, thereby giving them more financial security, work experience, and further employment opportunities. They  see MathMoms as a programme, not a career opportunity and encourage the ladies to study further, look for jobs and enrich their lives in other ways as well.
Of the 36 MathMoms involved in the 2018 programme:

  1. 4 went to college to pursue further qualifications in education
  2. 4 obtained permanent employment
  3. 1 founded a crèche
  4. 7 became teaching assistants when not working in the MathMom programme
  5. and 29 will remain with the 2019 MathMoms programme

Of the 20 Interns involved in the 2018 programme:

  1. a lot of the ladies pursued further education
  2. 4 obtained permanent employment

 By employing school mothers, the level of parental involvement at the schools is increased
The MathMoms programme provide support and relief to teachers and school staff .

Feedback from schools:

“ The MathMoms have a very positive impact on our learners. Through the lessons, a love for mathematics is developed. Important mathematical concepts are transmitted and grasped. As Grade 3 educators, we collaborate closely with the MathMoms. We wish the MathMoms a prosperous 2019! ” – C. Heynes
The MathMoms:

  1. Provide reinforcement and consolidation [of basic mathematical concepts]
  2. Are helpful and creative in their approach
  3. Encourage the learners and improve their self-image
  4. Do valuable work.” – K. Williams

" The MathMoms are committed, and they light up the learners’ lives. The learners are excited when there’s a knock on the door and it’s ‘their’ MathMom.”  – R Cupido.

Professor Jonathan Jansen:  “ In more than three decades of work with the non-govermental sector, I have yet to find a project that so readily ticks all the boxes:  innovation, equity, creativity, progression, development and transforation.  That a mother with limited education can gain mathematics competences that enables her to teach children basic maths concepts in one of the most dangerous parts of the Cape Flats is the kind of inspiration our country so desperately needs. ” 
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