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Grassroot Soccer (GRS) works across South Africa, with sites in Cape Town (Khayelitsha) and Johannesburg (Soweto, Orange Farm and Alexandra).  GRS also conducts operations from flagship sites in Zimbabwe and Zambia and works with implementing partners in 41 other countries around the world.

GRS brings its innovative and interactive HIV prevention and life skills program to life by training community role models to deliver an evidence-based, outcome-driven SKILLZ curriculum to youth.  Key topics include making healthy decisions, avoiding risks, building support networks, reducing stigma and discrimination, increasing knowledge about testing and treatment, addressing gender issues, and assessing values.



SKILLZ Core targets 13- to 15-year-olds by using soccer-based activities and discussions to develop positive life skills that help boys and girls adopt healthy behaviours and gain a comprehensive knowledge of HIV & AIDS.




    SKILLZ Street targets 13- to 15-year-old girls with a programme that combines soccer with sexual and reproductive health knowledge, life skills, HIV counselling and testing, and access to community services. The programme is led exclusively by female Coaches, which helps to develop a strong sense of solidarity and support that is affirming and encouraging of positive behaviour.  These role models create a safe space for discussion and empower young women to avoid risky behaviour and protect themselves and others from HIV.


Generation SKILLZ uses soccer language, metaphors, and activities carefully tailored for the particular challenges facing youth ages 15 to 19. The programme addresses the primary drivers of HIV among youth in South Africa: multiple concurrent partners, intergenerational sex and gender-based violence. The safe space that is created by SKILLZ Coaches serves to stimulate open dialogue about gender between the young men and women in the programme.


HIV Counselling and Testing Tournaments (HCTs) use the power of soccer to bring youth and community members together for a fun day of soccer matches combined with access to free testing and counselling services.




    Coach Development is an intensive two-year development programme for young people between the ages of 18 and 30, who have completed their schooling but are unemployed. As SKILLZ Coaches, they receive comprehensive education and training on facilitation, HIV, sexual and reproduce health, and gender issues. As implementers of the SKILLZ programmes, they work with youth directly and become community role models who are accessible resources on issues pertaining to HIV and sexual and reproductive health, as well as active leaders on gender equality.

Champions League targets 18- to 25-year-old men with a soccer league that incorporates life skills programming, drug testing, and incentives to develop pro-social behaviours fundamental to employment, health, and healthy relationships.














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